What is the history around the Boathouse?

The building and gardens have features from yesteryear in a time that the boathouse hosted many boating and open air carnivals on the river. When you visit, catch up on some local history seen on the walls - photographs, antique telephones, signs and penny arcade games.

Do we have to book to use the boats?

No. We don’t take bookings for boat hire, just come down there are plenty available and you wont miss out.

What age can children use the boats?

Children under the age of 14 have to wear a lifejacket and be under parental supervision to use the water craft. 

Do you have heaters?

With so many beautiful outdoor seating options, we want to ensure you are comfortable.  Shoulder throws are available upstairs and downstairs should you find the temperature too low. Indoors and on the veranda we have gas heaters. New clear blinds also protect you from the elements on the veranda on windy and wet days.

I heard something about kids rides?

We do, best value kids rides in Melbourne - 40c! Kids, big and small, love our traditional rides. Hop on Pharlap or our resident giraffe & zebra and ride in a car. On busy weekends, we sometimes roll out our fairy floss machine out too!

Can we use the grounds for photography?

There are unlimited opportunities for photography around the grounds, in the heritage building and on the river.
Charges: $150 per hour or part thereof e.g. 1 hour 15 min charged at 2 hours. Extra 100 per hour or part thereof for starts earlier than 8.30am weekends/PH’s or 9am weekdays. Rates include use of change area and 2 boats.

Can we hire out the amphitheatre or BBQ area next to the Boathouse?

Please contact City of Yarra for arrangements.

Unfortunately these are not part of the Boathouse venue. We recommended coming down early to reserve a spot on sunny days, open to all guests of the park.

Can we order scones and cakes any time of the day?

Yes you can, these are always available within hours of business.

Can we order your famous scones in bulk ?

Yes! Half dozen $18 or dozen for $36

How much does it cost to hire the boats?

Please see pricelist under Boating section.

Do you have a lost property?

We do, items are kept for a few weeks then donated to a worthy cause.