The building and gardens have features from yesteryear, when the boathouse hosted many boating and open air carnivals on the river. When you visit, catch up on some local history seen on the walls - photographs, antique telephones, signs and penny arcade games.

Best value kids rides - 40c!

Kids, big and small, love our traditional rides. Hop on Pharlap or our resident giraffe,and ride in a car.

On busy weekends, we sometimes roll out our fairy floss machine out too.

We have you covered when it's chilly

With so many beautiful outdoor seating options, we want to ensure you are comfortable.  Shoulder throws are available should you find the temperature too low.

Indoors we have gas stoves and grills to heat the rooms and veranda. New clear blinds protect you from the elements on the veranda on windy and wet days.