delightful days

We have a long history of providing wedding services and receptions. Our aim is to make your function memorable for you and your guests by sourcing and presenting the best food and wine available in a relaxed atmosphere and gorgeous setting.

Depending upon the weather we are experienced at selecting the best spot for your gathering and photo opportunities. On balmy nights the river breeze gently fans the veranda and southern terraces overlooking the meandering Yarra. If it turns cool we batten down the see-through curtains and stoke up the two wood heaters. You may even treat your guests to an outing in our superb Thames Rowing Skiffs.

We offer an attractive range of beverage choices and tailored solutions to fit your occasion and suit your budget. If you wish to pursue the possibilities we’re only too pleased to answer any questions or quote your needs because we know how important it is for everything to go like clockwork.

All the information you need to know when considering a wedding at the Boathouse.

A selection of Thank you notes from couples who have married at Fairfield Park Boathouse

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